Tooth Pain

Sensitive teeth – the term can be heard in most of the toothpaste ads running on TVs. The media has launched a campaign against this oral problem to brand their toothpaste which is a commendable effort. This sensitivity is termed as dentine hypersensitivity in dental science. Considering only toothpaste to relieve this oral health issue can be a dangerous thing, sensitive teeth can also have a deeper origin and later become the cause of major oral problems. Problems like toothache, cavity, and sensitivity are a common oral health issue in the United States but the sensitivity is most neglected one amongst the masses of both genders.

Let us understand the sensitivity of teeth first:

In simple terms, sensitivity can be defined as the feeling of sudden pain in teeth when it is exposed to normal oral conditions such as temperature change, chemical attack or tactile.

People suffering from teeth sensitivity can feel this pain when they consume foods that are hot or cold. Teeth may be sensitive also for acidic foods and sugary foods as well but most of the cases have appeared for the temperature change – simply means when you eat foods that are hot or cold.

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Knowing the causes of sensitivity:

The inner layer of teeth is called dentin. This layer is invisible behind the external layer called enamel which protects the internal part of the teeth form the acidic foods and harmful bacteria in the mouth. Over the period of time, the outer layer erodes and the internal layer is exposed to the oral surroundings. Whenever we eat or drink something the sensitive inner layer experiences pain and discomfort in teeth.

Causes of Enamel Erosion:

As we have understood that the cause of sensitivity is enamel erosion. It is also important to understand the causes that cause this erosion over the period of time.

  • Heavy on tooth brushing:

Brushing is the daily event that we do to clean our teeth. But aggressive brushing is not at all recommended. People think brushing your teeth with a heavy hand or aggressively can bring out the required white teeth. It is not the case. The aggressive brushing can cause damage to the outer layer and expose the inner layer of teeth which later can cause sensitivity of teeth.

  • Receding gum line:

The gum tissues are a sensitive part of the teeth. The receding of the gum tissues happens due to improper oral hygiene. In this case, the tooth appears longer and exposes the sensitive areas which later cause the sensitivity of the teeth. The gum receding has its own cause which includes the age factor, aggressive brushing, smoking tobacco, and crooked teeth.

  • Gum-related problems:

Sometimes gum diseases also called periodontal diseases are also the cause of sensitivity. Bacterial infection and its attack on gums due to poor oral hygiene cause redness and inflammation of gums. The same bacteria are responsible for destroying the outer layer of the teeth and expose the sensitive layer which later causes sensitivity of teeth.

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