Minneapolis Dental Now Provides MTM® Clear Aligners for Patients

Do you ever find yourself wishing for straighter teeth? Do you have bite and jaw issues due to misalignment? If so, you’re not alone. Adult braces are relatively common today, helping oral health and cosmetic appearance for countless adults. According to a study published by “The American Association of Orthodontists” in 2014, adults make up about 1 million orthodontist patients throughout the U.S.

However, just because adults with metal in their mouths have now become more common than ever before, still are you ready to take that plunge? Wait, what if you could reap the benefits of traditional braces without actually having to wear them? MTM® Clear Aligner is an up and coming orthodontic tool that utilizes clear, plastic aligners that snugly fit over your teeth to address issues such as gaps, crowding, and other cosmetic issues you may want to fix. Virtually undetectable, the MTM Clear Aligners allows you to see the results you want within no time.

Orthodontics Reinvented With MTM® Clear Aligners

MTM, which stands for ‘Minor Tooth Movement,’ uses a series of custom clear trays to gradually adjust the teeth’s position, much like Simpli5, Invisalign & Clear Correct. This treatment is backed by more than a decade of development and clinical testing. It combines advanced digital modeling with proven chairside techniques to provide a streamlined solution for treating minor anterior misalignments.

Benefits of MTM® Aligners

Customizable treatment plan: Treatments with clear aligners are similar to traditional orthodontic treatments. With MTM Clear Aligner at Minneapolis Dental, you’ll work with a specialized team dedicated to your oral health and happiness. You don’t need to worry about compromising your safety, as at Minneapolis Dental, we’ll develop a plan that works for you, custom fitting your clear aligners and personalizing your treatment.

Shorter treatment time: If you opt for this treatment, you can cut down your treatment time significantly. If you wear aligners around the clock and follow your treatment plan carefully, you’ll begin seeing results in a fraction of the time you would during regular orthodontic care, sometimes as little as 3 to 6 months.

Simple aftercare: You no longer need to follow-up appointments after achieving the results you desire. All you have to do is simply wear your retainer provided after treatment, and your smile will stay straight, ensuring your happiness throughout your life!

Low price point: MTM Clear Aligner treatment prides itself on being a fraction of the cost and is even covered under most dental insurance plans. Conventional braces can easily cost upwards of 4 – 5000 USD for treatment, making MTM Clear Aligner a great and much cheaper option.

Some other pros of MTM® Clear Aligners

  • It is a quick treatment
  • It’s removable
  • It’s discreet
  • Good Oral Hygiene
  • No Food Restrictions
  • Transparency

Who Can Benefit from MTM® Clear Aligners?

MTM Clear Aligners offer incredible results in a shorter treatment period than traditional methods and give you a choice of bracket-free orthodontics. They cost less than many other orthodontics treatments, too. We highly recommend them for individuals who have all their permanent teeth and meet proper care and use requirements. These removable clear aligners can correct tooth-crowding, tooth decay, gaps between teeth as well as misaligned teeth.

We will also work with you to perform an initial analysis of your teeth to determine the degree of tooth movement required. Dr. Hodd, who holds decades of clinical experience to provide specialized dental care, can help you decide if MTM Clear Aligner is the right treatment option for you.

Why is MTM® Clear Aligner the right choice for you?

Patients that only require treatment for their front 8 teeth are considered great candidates for the MTM Clear Aligner system. MTM Clear Aligner is used to treat minor anterior tooth movement, so this method is also excellent for individuals who have all of their permanent teeth and have minor spacing issues such as misalignment, gapping, crowding, rotation, midline discrepancy, and other similar issues. As mentioned before, we’ll help you determine whether MTM Clear Aligner is the right fit for you; all you have to do is visit our dental office.

At Minneapolis Dental, we are proud to serve the Minneapolis area ranging from cleanings to cosmetic dentistry, other cosmetic procedures, and beyond. If you believe MTM Clear Aligner is the best option for you, contact us today!