Digital X-rays

If you’ve ever been to a dentist before, you have probably had x-rays taken of your teeth and jaw.

X-rays are an invaluable tool that dentists have been using for decades to help diagnose their patients and verify the health of the patients’ teeth. Whether the dentist is locating cavities, checking on the development of incoming teeth, monitoring the health of the tooth root – all of these activities and many others are greatly assisted by the ability to take an x-ray photograph and see the bone structure underneath the visible surfaces of the teeth.

Today, digital x-rays (also called digital radiography) allow more precise analysis of your teeth and smile than ever before. Digital radiography requires only a fraction of the radiation dose used in traditional film-based radiography while providing greatly enhanced image quality and improved speed.

We live in a technologically advancing world, and here at Minneapolis Dental, we work constantly to implement the most advanced proven dental techniques and technologies and thereby provide ever faster, more accurate and better service for our patients. The technological advances in the field of x-ray photography have made possible a great improvement in service for dental patients everywhere, and at Minneapolis Dental we are proud to be at the forefront of this advance.

When you get your dental x-rays done at Minneapolis Dental, the x-ray results are available instantly and are viewable on our computer screens. Dr. Hodd and Dr. Wu can not only digitally expand and enhance the images but can even perform a computer-aided comparison of your x-ray results across time and thus see even the tiniest changes in your teeth and jaws.  They can, therefore, see changes and emerging tooth conditions that could easily be missed by looking at film-based results with the naked eye.

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