Teeth Discoloration

Teeth discolorations can stem from a variety of causes, ranging from the obvious to the seemingly mysterious. The more obvious causes of teeth discolorations include habit-related causes, such as tobacco stains, or stains from coffee, tea, wine, cola, or other dark-colored drinks. Surprisingly, even some fruits or vegetables, such as apples or potatoes, can stain your teeth. However, a much more subtle discoloration can occur gradually over a period of many years as the teeth enamel wears down, revealing the yellow dentin underlying the enamel.

Whatever the cause, teeth discolorations can be a source of embarrassment, and a deterrent to easily showing a smile due to lack of confidence.

Many patients find that they are more comfortable smiling and less self-conscious after handling their teeth discolorations. This is done through teeth whitening treatments which we provide at Minneapolis Dental. Nearly all types of teeth discoloration show a dramatic reduction after only a single treatment of an hour or less.

For the best results, we will perform a smile analysis before your teeth whitening treatment.  We will examine the type of teeth discolorations you have and discuss your teeth whitening options with you, along with our recommendations for maximum effectiveness.

teeth whitening” refers to several different ways of handling teeth discolorations, whether they are uneven discolorations such as those caused by tobacco, or uniform discolorations such as a gradual yellowing of all the teeth over the years.

teeth whitening can be achieved by many methods, which vary in their degree of effectiveness as well as the types of discolorations they can handle.  Our in-house treatment uses a combination of whitening products to achieve dramatic and permanent results on nearly all discolorations after a single 30 to 60-minute treatment.

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