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    I love Minneapolis Dental! I've always been a bit insecure about my smile, and from the minute I started talking to Dr. Hodd about getting veneers to fix it, I could tell she knew exactly what to do.  She, and the entire team, made my care a priority, and now I have a full smile that makes me feel confident. Thanks, Dr. Hodd!

    Megan Schuster - After Treatment

    Megan S,

  • What Our Patients Are Saying...

    Employees were professional and friendly.  Helpful when answering questions.  Willing to go that extra mile to make the visit pleasant, and comfortable.   Excellent dental clinic, I would recommend to anyone!

    Gayle D - After Treatment

    Gail D,

  • What Our Patients Are Saying...

    Dr Hodd and team walked me through the affects of grinding my teeth options to treat.  We chose to have veneers on the upper and lower teeth.  She was extremely thorough - even sent veneers back because they didn't match my existing teeth. All staff were efficient and professional.

    John Skoggstad - After Treatment

    John S.,

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    I know I wanted and needed a change but wasn't sure what. I mentioned it to Dr Hodd. We had several discussions about how I felt, what I liked and didn't like, possibilities, concerns, and of course, cost. As soon as I made the decision to proceed, we set the appointment and everything was completed in the scheduled time frame. I am so pleased with how I look and feel. Dr Hodd's honesty and professionalism, her staff's hard work "especially Lauren!" and the wonderful lab! Thank you all so much!

    Judy T - After Treatment

    Judy T.,

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    Dr Lorrie Hodd has been my dentist for 20 years. I have never had any trouble with my teeth, after she has worked on my teeth. She is very careful with any work that she does. She is a perfectionist when it comes to completing her work. I "highly" recommend Dr Lorrie Hodd to perform any dental work that a person would need. Also, all of the dental hygienists and dental assistants are very capable. Dr Lorrie Hodd also takes the "fear" out of going to the dentist.

    Dental implant

    Richard G,

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    I have been a patient of Dr. Hodd's since she opened her practice way back when! I wouldn't think of putting my oral hygiene needs and care in the hands of anyone else! Ever! During this long and happy relationship, I have had many routine cleanings, several crowns, preventative periodontal work and recently cosmetic dentistry. I am happy with all the work performed by Dr. Hodd.Dr. Hodd is more than the family dentist, she approaches her work with the passion and skill of an artisan. I highly recommend Dr. Hodd and her capable and wonderful staff for your dental needs.

    Katie C - After Treatment

    Katie C.,

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    I had 17 crowns added in the Spring of 2015. Results are perfect and I have had no problems or discomfort now or throughout the process. Dr. Hodd and her staff provided absolutely perfect work and service for me. I can't imagine having a better outcome than I had.

    Dental implant

    Dr Jim G,

  • What Our Patients Are Saying...

    I saw Dr. Lorrie Hodd last year for my new porcelain veneers. She did an absolutely beautiful job! Her attention to detail was unparalleled. She is an artist. She spends real time with you, putting you at ease, checking in with your comfort, explaining what she is doing, etc. Her office is very attractive and inviting, and her staff is attentive and accommodating. Overall, this experience was extremely positive. Dr. Hodd is a great communicator who outlines everything she intends to do, and how much it will cost. Her follow-up is excellent, and her staff is extremely friendly, compassionate, and warm. I've been going to Minneapolis Dental for quite a few years. I think it is one of the best dental offices in the greater Twin Cities area. The dental assistants always do a an excellent job and fun to talk to! I have received many compliments from people on my veneers that I had done a couple of years ago. I would definitely recommend Minneapolis dental.

    Mary Bothe - After Treatment

    Mary B.,

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    As an actor, my personal appearance in real life is equally important as my character's persona on stage. In a very real sense an actor is constantly auditioning. On the job, and also out in the viewing public. For that reason my grooming is of primary importance. For years, Dr. Lorrie Hodd has guided my dental health and beauty. Keeping my teeth cavity free as well as shining white for the camera's scrutiny.  I thank her for her knowledge through her excellent dental care.

    Shirley Venard-Diercks - After Treatment

    Shirley V.,


First, I cannot thank you and your entire team enough.  Not just for seeing me yesterday and making an exception to your rule by cleaning my teeth on our first visit.  You clearly articulated your rules and boundaries, yet, you allowed me my voice and respected, without judgement, the nature of my trauma.

I was particularly grateful and impressed by your willingness  to work collaboratively.  I felt reassured that you seemed to respect that I am a patient who understands my own body, my own reactions and needs, and that within your boundaries, you did everything to accommodate me.  This is a  rarity in today’s health care world.

You’re an amazing dentist and an amazing woman.  I, too, was a sole business owner for decades and I understand some of the challenges involved.  You’ve created a wonderful team – especially the hygienist who was also in the room.  I apologize for not remember her name: I do remember that she seemed intuitively to know when my anxiety level began to rise, and her gentle touch was magic.

I also greatly appreciated your assessment of Dr Paul Chilton’s work.  Not every professional is so generous with a colleague’s handcraft, and I will certainly pass it on.  Incidentally, you are the only other dentist besides Dr. Paul who has been willing or able to provide simple, clear explanation of what was “in my mouth”, why, what I would need going forward, when, etc.

I do hope my anxiety and how it presents was not too difficult or uncomfortable for you, or your staff.  I doubt at my age my dental trauma will ever go away, but after yesterday’s visit, I’m less likely to lose too many nights sleep in advance of my next visit!

Again, I cannot thank you enough!!

Gigi G.

I would recommend Mpls Dental.  As a new patient I did my research for the best dentist I could find.  After meeting these professionals, and the staff, I knew I had made the right decision.  After meeting Dr Hodd and seeing her attention to detail,  I could tell my personal comfort and safety were important to her.  She explained everything regarding my procedures and answered all my questions.  And last, but not least, I was loving every minute in the beautiful, tastefully done, office! Highly would recommend Dr Hodd and her staff!

Susan J.

I have been fortunate to have a long term relationship with Dr. Hodd for the past 25 years.She has provided quality, affordable care and is extremely professional. I have always appreciated her and her staff. Attention to detail, with a  positive attitude and general care for my well being.


Absolutely perfect care. Dr. Hodd is straightforward about treatment and cost. When I leave I’m confident I got the best personal care from everyone in the office.

Janet S.


Dr Hodd is a top-notch dentist! Fortunately, I have been a patient of hers for over thirty years.  I am so thankful for the exceptional dental care she provides.  I am thrilled with the teeth straightening and refinement dr Hodd did for me!  Dr Hodd and her team were phenomenal in explaining the process and providing support from beginning to end.  It was a great experience and so worth having it done.  On behalf of my family,  want to especially thin Dr Hodd for the extraordinary care she provided to our mother over the years.  Under Dr Hodd’s care our mother had optimal oral health and enjoyed a high quality of life as she lived to 97 years of age.

Ann B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hodd for a number of years. Throughout this time, she has been very careful  to suggest what would benefit me – especially in the long run. Dr. Hodd finally convinced me to try veneers. The skeptic that I am when it comes to something like this, I asked others about their experiences with this type of procedure. Not a negative one did I find. Dr. Hodd was very thorough in telling me exactly how all this would work and in the end I am so happy we did this. I have received countless positive comments on my smile, all to her credit, and now maintain this is an investment in my future.

Nancy K.