Night Guards

Night guards may seem strange to those of us who have never needed or used them.  However, their purpose is really quite simple: night guards are worn to prevent grinding or clenching the teeth.

Often a person who gets a dental recommendation to wear a night guard is surprised because most people who grind or clench their teeth during their sleep don’t even notice that they are doing it. This should hardly be surprising; after all, they are asleep!  We don’t need to watch you while you are asleep to see if you are grinding or clenching your teeth. The evidence is right there in your mouth for any trained dentist to see. And if let continue long enough, the evidence can become so plain that anyone can see it.

No one is overjoyed at the idea of wearing a night guard to bed. However, the damage which can be caused by this forceful grinding and clenching (technically called bruxism) far outweighs any unpleasantness associated with wearing a night guard. The teeth will actually become flattened due to unhandled bruxism. Over time, it can cause cracks in the teeth, exposed nerve ending with attendant extreme sensitivity, and even worse problems.  Handling the myriad issues that will be created can be extremely expensive and unpleasant.

By contrast, if well fitted, a night guard involves no pain at all and can preserve your teeth in all their natural splendor.

While cheap, generic, store-bought night guards exist and can be better than no protection at all for bruxism, they are usually large and uncomfortable. Also, they may even fall out in the night due to poor fit.  Before making such a purchase you should consider, what is the cost-effectiveness of a device which is so uncomfortable that you stop using it?

The night guards that we provide will be custom made to your mouth for a perfect and comfortable fit, and they will target the exact areas of your teeth that need protection.

Don’t let your teeth wear down.  Call us at Minneapolis Dental to get a professional examination and determine what should be done to best protect your teeth.