Once upon a time, in the prehistoric days of dentistry, getting a crown fitted and placed involved multiple trips to the dentist over a several week time period. The impressions of the teeth would be made and sent to a lab. Weeks later the lab would send the crowns to the dentist. Then the patient would come back to the dentist, the crown would be tried out, and then any corrections needed had to be sent back to the lab to be adjusted, requiring yet another visit by the patient weeks later to the dentist to see how the newly sculpted crown would look….

Thankfully, those days are over. At least they are for Minneapolis Dental. Other dental offices that haven’t adopted the latest technologies. They lag behind and still require all of those extra trips back and forth.

CEREC technology

At Minneapolis Dental, CEREC technology is used to design, create and place all of our crowns. With a handheld scanner, an accurate 3D computer model of your teeth is swiftly generated. The crown is designed on the computer, directly in the 3D model of your mouth to allow for precision adjustments. The crown is then created on site in our dental office, directly from the computer model, utilizing CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology.

What CEREC means for you is that when you come to Minneapolis Dental, you can have a perfectly fitting crown designed, created and placed in less than two hours.

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