Family Dentist, Minneapolis MN

What Is A Family Dentist?

A family dentist is a dental care expert that is responsible for providing oral care to patients of all ages. These include infants, kids, adults, and older people.

To become an expert on dental care for all ages, a family dentist undergoes extra education and training after dental school. The added expertise enables them to not only maintain but also improve you and your family’s oral health.

Family Dentist At Minneapolis Dental

At Minneapolis Dental, you and your family are well taken care of. Our in-house dental expert, Dr. Lorrie Hodd is a leading oral health practitioner. With decades of experience under her belt, Dr. Hodd provides quality dental care without compromising on patient comfort.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Family Dentist?

There are many advantages of having a family dentist on speed dial. Some of them are as follows –

Elimination Of Dental Phobia And Anxiety

The phobia of dentists and the anxiety surrounding a dental visit are more common than you can imagine. Both kids and adults feel uneasy about seeing a dentist to varying degrees. Both of these issues lead to putting off dental treatment until it becomes much worse.

Visiting a family dentist helps in curbing the anxiety and the phobia since the entire family can see the dentist together. This particularly helps little kids feel better about getting their teeth checked. Witnessing a family member seeing the same dentist instills a little confidence in them and makes them feel comfortable.

Since children mimic their parents, showing them that visiting the dentist regularly is important, they’ll pick up on the habit.

Group visits to the family dentist help both kids and adults in overcoming their fear, allowing them to become comfortable in the future.

The Convenience Of Visiting A Family Dentist

One of the biggest advantages of a family dentist is the convenience they offer. Your life is simplified because you have to call just one office to make appointments for the whole family. Furthermore, you avoid the hassle of going to and from one office to another for different members.

With a family dentist, all you need to do is schedule appointments on your day off and bring everyone to the office.

Familiarity With Your Family Dental History

Aside from convenience, another great advantage is the familiarity with your family’s dental history. When you and your family have been visiting the same dentist for a while, they will know what to expect.

Your past dental issues, surgeries, sensitivities, allergies – family dentists have all the information they need and are aware of the suitable treatments you will require.

A proactive family dentist will also look out for potential signs and symptoms for any genetic dental issues. For example, parents with orthodontic issues might pass it on to their kids. Your family dentist will be vigilant when they are treating your children and will provide preventative treatment when required.

Long-Lasting Relationships

Trust between you and your dentist is vital. Without it, there is huge room for miscommunication and errors. With trust, however, it is much easier to communicate openly and honestly. When your dentist has all the information they require, they can perform their jobs properly. They will be able to make the correct diagnoses and provide appropriate treatment.

An open line of communication also allows you, the patient, to share your fears with your dentist. This helps them make the treatment process much easier for you.

All of this forms a lasting relationship with your family dentist, making your dental visits much more relaxed.

Consistency With Services

When you’re visiting the same dentist for years, you know exactly what to expect. With the same dentist tending to your needs, your treatments are consistent. You are also confident of the quality of services your family dentist will provide, putting your mind at ease.

A family dentist also allows you to be regular with your dental visits and not miss your appointments.