Teeth Whitening Minneapolis

A beautiful smile is a great start in making a positive first impression on others.  Whether in the business world, personal relationships, or just casual contacts, having bright white teeth can be a great assistance to you and can greatly improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Discolorations such as tobacco stains or yellowed teeth can be very embarrassing.  Even when such discolorations are slight, the impact can be large on your comfort in smiling and showing your teeth.  To handle this, there is a type of cosmetic dentistry treatment aptly called “teeth whitening”.

At Minneapolis Dental, you can significantly whiten your smile in a single dental appointment of less than an hour.  With our convenient downtown location and complimentary parking, this means you can easily be back to work the same afternoon with a brighter, whiter smile!

A wide range of teeth whitening procedures exist, ranging from slow, low budget home use methods, commonly available in drugstores, all the way to dentists’ professional techniques and equipment for quickly achieving excellent results.

At Minneapolis Dental, we can help you to quickly be rid of embarrassing teeth discolorations.  Our in-office teeth whitening procedure uses a combination of whitening products along with controlled heat, or a special light application. This is the fastest and most effective method we know of to help you whiten your smile, quickly and effectively.  Nearly every one of our patients sees dramatic results right away even after a single 30 to 60-minute treatment.

When you get your teeth whitened at Minneapolis Dental, we will follow up with you to ensure your satisfaction, and help you with specific advice on how to best prolong the whitening effect.

Your smile can be whiter and more beautiful starting today.  Call us now at 612-332-1255 to schedule your whitening treatment.