You may know that smoking can cause a number of negative effects on your respiratory system, but this is not all. Smoking is also likely to affect your dental health. Yes, it is important for you to take care of your teeth if you are smoking. Why should you think about proper dental care?


Smoking leads to serious medical conditions affecting the oral cavity. The most common problem for smokers is an increased risk of gum disease. This problem is four times more likely to develop in a smoker than a non-smoker. Gum disease occurs when plague sets on the tissues that make up the gums. When this is compromised, it may lead to tooth loss.


Smoking also causes the deterioration of the bones that make up your oral cavity. Furthermore, cigarette ingredients might also cause your salivary glands to get inflamed. Chain smokers will also take a lot of time to recover from periodontal treatments, toothy extraction and dental implants. During the tooth extraction procedures, smokers also experience severe pain in the area that is affected when the bones are exposed.


Smoking also leads to vanity issues that impact the mouth and teeth. There is increased tartar and plaque buildup on the teeth of the smoker. Smoking also stains the teeth, which makes them appear less attractive and makes a bad impression on the person talking to you. Increased smoking also causes bad breath and this may also affect your overall health.


Side effects of smoking are dangerous but there are some tips which a smoker should follow to live a better quality of life. Smokers should schedule regular dental appointments as dentists will watch for signs of diseases easily. Through these regular checkups, you will benefit from professional cleaning and will get proper counseling. Most importantly, smokers should brush and floss teeth properly to avoid stained teeth.