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Pediatric Dentists are the dentists who take care of the oral health of kids, toddlers, children, and adolescents. Their recommendation is very necessary when your kids are growing up in order to maintain oral health and hygiene. We all love our kids and want to keep them healthy in life. Oral health plays an important role in maintaining the overall health of an individual and that too when you start thinking about the health early in your life.

Why oral hygiene is important for kids?

Oral hygiene is not limited to teeth only. It includes cleanliness of gums, cheeks, and tongue as well. It does not matter whether your kid is grown-up or a toddler, oral hygiene plays an important role. Food particles remained after having meals even if it milk for kids can harm oral health. It can lead to various infections in mouth, gums, teeth enamel and heart diseases as well.

According to the recommendation of the Pediatric Dentist, it is important to keep track of a child’s oral health. This can give assurance to the parents that their child’s health will be good and sound in the future. The unhygienic mouth is prone to various bacteria attacks which can later become a serious health issue.

Tips by Pediatric Dentist to keep your child’s health safe and sound in the future: 

  1. Don’t let your child sleep with a milk bottle in mouth. It can become the breeding ground for bacteria.
  2. Mothers should clean the mouth of their kids after breastfeeding from a soft cloth.
  3. As a mother try to avoid giving your kids artificial added flavored drinks. It can make their teeth to fall into the oral disease early.
  4. Take your child to a   Dentist as early as the age of two. The advice from the Pediatric Dentist can help your kid to avoid future problems related to health.
  5. First-time parents should advise their kids to spit out the toothpaste while brushing.
  6. It is recommended to use low fluoride toothpaste for kids. Many brands, nowadays, are manufacturing the toothpaste, especially for the kids.
  7. Soft toothbrushes are recommended for kids. Hard hand brushing should not be allowed. Allow them to learn brushing technique while you perform the same in front of them.
  8. It is a myth that cavities on milk tooth do no matter as they have to fall eventually. It does matter a lot and can affect the permanent teeth as well.

Consult Pediatric Dentist if you see the following:   

  1. Bleeding gums while brushing is the easiest sign to consider a consultation from the Pediatric Dentist. It can be seen while spitting toothpaste in the washbasin.
  2. Development of pus in the gum line is also the sign of bad oral health. It can be felt as swollen gum and gives the bad breath.
  3. Sour taste in the mouth even if your kid is not eating anything sour but complains you regarding this.

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