Maintaining your oral health is extremely important, but the presence of a lot of erroneous beliefs and practices related to dental health has given an overall negative impact. And this has resulted in a lot of people opting for inadequate care. Some of these misconceptions are:

  1. Believing that it is better to clean teeth with a hard brush rather than a soft brush. That is wrong because the use of a hard toothbrush leads to the erosion of teeth enamel, which in turn results in making the tooth surface rough, which causes sensitivity and gum inflammation. It is better to use a soft toothbrush and follow a nice healthy way to clean your teeth.
  2. Believing that when your gums start to bleed, you should immediately stop brushing your teeth. That is wrong because bleeding gums are the first sign of inflammation resulting from inadequate cleaning. If you further refrain from brushing your teeth that will only lead to the accumulation of germ layer and, thus, more infections and illnesses.
  3. Assuming that toothpicks are good useful to get stuck food out between your teeth. That is wrong; using toothpicks inadequately can lead to erosion of the tooth-enamel, harming your gums. It isn’t right to poke your teeth with toothpicks to get stuck food out. Try to gently use the toothpicks if the food stuck between the teeth is annoying you. Otherwise, it is strongly recommended that you floss your teeth every night before going to bed.


For optimum maintenance of oral hygiene, your dentist should be visited twice annually. Use fluoride applications to increase your teeth resistance to decay, and follow a proper oral hygiene routine.