Brushing teeth, backed by flossing and use of a mouthwash on a regular basis are the most important steps in taking care of your oral hygiene. Some people choose to skip brushing not because they don’t care but because they are not aware of the problems that could stem from not doing so. Here are five reasons that will probably change your mind for good:

  1. PREVENT HEART ATTACK: Now that we have your attention, yes, not brushing your teeth could over time lead to heart problems. Bacteria and plaque cause damage to the teeth and gums, resulting in bleeding. Sadly, the bacteria will eventually enter your bloodstream, inevitably passing through your heart and creating problems.
  2. LOWER RISK OF DIABETES: Evidently those same bacteria that can destroy your heart and brain are also capable of decreasing the effectiveness of the insulin in your bloodstream. Eventually, this will lead to difficulty in regulating blood sugar and then, at the end of the day, to an increased risk of type II diabetes.
  3. DELAYED CONCEPTION: As bad as it is to have your body attacked by bacteria, if you are an expectant mother, there is another body you should be concerned about. The bacterial infection can actually be passed on to your child and cause problems with delivery. Not only that, it can also cause problems even after the child is born.
  4. PREVENT TRENCH MOUTH: Coined in the trenches of World War I where it afflicted many soldiers, this is essentially an extreme form of gingivitis. Your mouth becomes so overrun with bacteria that they often spread into your cheeks, lips and jaw bones. This, however, is just the beginning.
  5. KEEP HALITOSIS AT BAY: This is not so ‘uncommon’ and ‘unheard’ but still many people manage to lose their respect by not getting rid of this disgusting condition. Bad breath has proven to ruin relationships and friendships and basically scare people away. There isn’t a better reason why you should not start brushing after reading this.

So, as you can see, there are sufficient reasons why you should take brushing your teeth more seriously other than just keeping your teeth clean and breath fresh.

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