The New Year is already here! Now, you might have put losing weight and getting healthier on your list of resolutions, but don’t ignore your dental health. It has now been proven that proper dental hygiene can have a positive impact on your overall health. So, it is a good idea to put some dental care resolutions on your list for 2016. Here are a few you can consider:

  • Start with the most basic of all dental care tips: brush twice a day and floss once, at least. As long as you can follow this regimen, your teeth will remain clean for the most part.
  • Ditch the foods and beverages which can harm your teeth. Acidic foods can destroy the enamel on your teeth, making them vulnerable to diseases. Some foods can cause stinky breath, something you can also get from alcohol. Make it a point to ditch these foods. Not to mention, avoiding a few of these foods and beverages will help you lose weight as well.
  • Another cause of bad breath is smoking. You should try and give it up once and for all. It will be great for your health too. Cigarette smoke can also cause discoloration of the teeth, which will ruin your smile.
  • Last, but not the least, resolve to visit the dentist at least twice in 2016. This is recommended by dental health experts as this gives your dentist a chance to examine your teeth, provide care tips, and also treat any issues which can exacerbate and cause major dental problems later on.

So, these are some New Year’s dental care resolutions you should have on your list. While you may give up on your weight loss goals halfway through the year, make sure you carry through with these!