Honestly, saving your smile isn’t a rocket science, and can be easily incorporated in your daily habits to avoid long-term health problems like gingivitis, toothache and even heartache (seriously). Following is a list of common dental pitfalls you need to avoid for a more effective oral hygiene routine.

Multitask While Brushing

Tempting as it may be to make the most out of compressed time in the morning, multitasking while brushing is something you really need to put aside. Doing so will ensure you reach all parts of the mouth instead of just carelessly stroking the teeth.

Over Cleaning Your Toothbrush

If you are the type of person who experiments with all sorts of weird brush cleaning methods like disinfecting it in a microwave, running it through the dishwasher or leaving it in a bowl of detergent to get rid of the bacteria, then you are just make yourself sick and damage your toothbrush. Instead, try giving the toothbrush a good rinse with clean tap water, let it thoroughly dry, and keep it in an erect position to let the water drain completely. Also, make sure it is not in contact with any other toothbrush.

Using the Internet as Your Dentist

While the web is full of all sorts of DIY dental tips and hacks, there are methods out there that will simply bring more damage to your teeth than good. It is therefore best to avoid such tips, especially those that obviously sound absurd or too good to be true.

Ignoring Teeth Grinding Habit

While teeth clenching or grinding, also known as bruxism, may seem harmless, it acts as one of the root causes of tooth chipping, jaw troubles, changes in facial structure and headaches. So, if you are not aware whether you grind your teeth at night, ask a partner to monitor it for you then work on it.

You should avoid these dental health pitfalls to keep your pearly whites in top shape.