Dental implants are artificial teeth that replace our damaged, decayed, or broken ones and almost everyone has heard of them. A lot of people also prefer getting this implant instead of leaving an empty gaping space between the teeth.

In our experience, people who are about to go for a dental implant from a family dentist, tend to have a few common concerns. In case you plan on getting one yourself, we hope to resolve your probable concerns beforehand.

Will They Damage Other Teeth?

A very common notion that is that getting a dental implant will go on to damage the other healthy teeth. Fortunately, this is false. In fact, the key reason why this procedure is so common around the world is because it does not affect the other teeth around it.

The reason why this concern prevails in the first place is that a more traditional way of going about this procedure involved setting a crown prior to the implant. This often led to slight adjustments in the neighboring teeth. A more contemporary approach is that the crown is placed on the teeth itself before the implantation.

Will I Have Restrictions Eating?

Well, in the first week or so, maybe yes. But you wouldn’t have to avoid your favorite food forever just because you are getting an implant. If anything, you will be able to enjoy a far stronger bite since there won’t be any roots to reach or enamel to break, as is the case with original dentures.

In other words, after your family dentist is done with your dental implant, you will be able to enjoy food better than you probably do today.

What If the Procedure Fails?

This is not just a concern with the dental implants, but with pretty much any other procedure as well. People ought not to be concerned. Dental implants, as suggested by a study, are 95% successful. The other 5% are not regular cases though.

This procedure only causes minute eating problems and issues of the like for people who already have a bad dental health at the time of the procedure. It’s rate of success also depends on who exactly is carrying out the procedure. If its expert professionals like those at Minneapolis Dental, there is absolutely nothing that you have to worry about. With them, the chances of falling in that 95% are a 100%.

Do I Even Need an Implant?

These are often the last-moment concerns of a person going for a dental implant. Well, there is a reason you are in this position in the first place. Leaving empty spaces between your teeth might not seem like a big deal right now, but it can cause problems down the line. Common issues can include the neighboring teeth moving into the empty space, the deterioration of the jaw bone, and an affected facial appearance.

If you look forward to receiving a dental implant, why waste time trying out unprofessional dentists? Contact Minneapolis Dental by dialing 612.332.1255, and let us guide you through the rest.