Choosing to go through the procedure of having dental implants places is a huge decision for any patient. It is of critical importance that when searching for the right dental implant provider, the right questions be asked. This will immensely help you make a smart decision.

It is crucial that you first understand the difference between a dentist who simply “does implants” and a “dental implant expert”. Your teeth are special in their own way, and therefore it takes a professional practitioner to offer a high quality dental implant experience. So, what to look for in a dental implant provider?

  • The most obvious and important thing to look for is whether the dentist is licensed or not.
  • Travel and Appointments: Some dental implant providers may seem reasonable at first, but there are additional charges that may not be stated clearly. For example, some will refer the patient to get x-rays, scans and dental molds from separate offices which can incur addition costs. So, make sure your dental implant provider is not one of those.
  • The next step is to ask for credentials of an implant the dentist has handled before you. Make sure your provider has earned credentials from reliable higher bodies, such as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.
  • Success Rate: The success rate of dental implants will differ depending on the placement of the implant. Being aware of the standard success rate of dental implant placement will help you decide if the implant provider you are considering is a smart choice. The provider should also have experience in a variety of implant treatments ranging from a single tooth to multiple teeth on a number of patients.

Keeping this information in mind, you can easily choose the best dental implant provider.