Taking good care of your dental hygiene and health will surely help you with a healthy and attractive smile. While your gums become strong and teeth become white, paying good attention to your dental health might also help improve your heart.

Research and findings have shown a strong link between oral health and heart diseases. When you develop a healthy brushing and flossing habit, you do not give bacteria the chance to flourish. But if you do not brush correctly, you will put the health of your heart at risk. How? Once the bacteria flourish due to not brushing your teeth, gum inflammation is caused, which increase the chances of gingivitis. This is why it is important that you don’t miss any dentist appointments, so any problems can be diagnosed early and nipped in the bud.

The inflammatory gums will pull away from the teeth. This creates a space at the gum line. The bacteria in the space start entering the bloodstream and travels in the whole body. When a certain amount enters the arteries, there is a greater chance of coronary artery disease. This is when the inner walls of the arteries are hardened and blood flow in the whole body and especially in the heart is highly restricted or slowed down.

The actual reason behind this is still not clear as experts are still trying their level best to figure out the main cause of the link. While the above mentioned theory says that the oral bacteria contributes to blockages in the arteries by forming fatty substances and slowing down the blood flow, some believe that the body’s inflammatory response to infections is started by the oral bacteria which causes the blood cells to swell and increase the chances of blood clots being formed.

Up to this point, at least this is clear that there is a deep connection between oral health and heart diseases as study shows people with poor oral health are more likely to suffer from heart diseases. Your dentist, therefore, will be able to point out if you should see a heart health specialist, by checking your dental health.