As you might know, carelessness when it comes to dental hygiene can lead to many problems for your teeth and gums and it can negatively affect your oral health. It is important for you to perform activities, such as proper brushing and flossing, daily to keep your teeth healthy. But, there are some things other than these which negatively affect your teeth:

  1. Brushing Your Teeth After Consuming Acidic Food

If you are consuming acidic foods or beverages, such as orange juice, it can soften your tooth structure. Immediately brushing your teeth might cause damage to the enamel because of the abrasion of the toothbrush. You should wait for at least 30 minutes after the consumption before you brush your teeth.

  1. Bleaching

Bleaching is a good way to achieve a white, bright smile. It is believed that excessive bleaching can cause damage to your nerves. It is true that some irritation in the gums can occur so it is better that you stop the bleaching process if these side effects do not stop.

  1. Sucking Throat Pills

Sucking on throat pills or cold tablets can lead to tooth decay as some of these contain sugar. Excessive sugar consumption is a leading cause of tooth decay. It is a good idea to opt for sugar-free lozenges and throat drops.

  1. Using Your Teeth as Tools

Nowadays, it is common to open bottles and bags of chips with teeth. You should not use your teeth like scissors as it may result in tooth fracture. If you use the back tooth, it can cause damage to your crown or filling. Tooth decay can also take hold due to these cracks and fractures. This may require the removal of the affected tooth.

  1. Masticating Ice Cubes

Due to the increasing temperature, it is common to chew ice cubes in summer. However, you should avoid this as it can damage your teeth. If you have fillings, this can be even more harmful because of the compromised strength.

Avoid these 5 habits if you want to keep your teeth strong and healthy. You can also consult your dentist to learn more about activities that might be damaging your teeth.