When you suffer from a damaged tooth or lose one due to decay, disease or injury, it is possible for your dentist to use either crowns or bridges in restoring the appearance of your smile. If you have teeth that are severely damaged or disfigured, dental crowns are probably your best and most effective long-term treatment option.

Dental crowns are customized tooth-shaped coverings that rebuild and restore strength to your severely damaged tooth.

Your dentist employs crowns in restoring a single tooth that has suffered extensive damage. Dental crowns are fabricated from porcelain that is a very strong restoration material that could be made to match the exact tint of your lost natural tooth.

Each dental crown is designed and produced according to your unique dental specifications. It gets bonded permanently to your tooth to act as a “cap”. Due to the fact that the porcelain mimics the actual qualities of your natural enamel, crowns are aesthetically pleasing. Following are 5 reasons explaining why dental crowns are a great idea:

  1. They can be used in restoring teeth that are cracked, worn or decayed, and are utilized towards re-enforcing your tooth after you’ve received a root canal treatment. They can also be used for improving the appearance of malformed, discolored or crooked teeth.
  2. Dental crowns offer protection against further erosion or decay of damaged teeth and help in maintaining your cheery smile. The crown can help you hide that unsightly looking front tooth or chipped tooth.
  3. When your teeth are damaged or are decaying, they could quickly become oral bacteria breeding grounds, which can lead to oral hygiene complications. When you get a tooth restored with a dental crown, it will significantly alleviate this potential danger.
  4. The procedure is fast and easy. Unlike other dental procedures, dental crowns require about two visits, and the procedure usually takes less than hour.
  5. Diversity in material. No matter what your range of budget, you can always get a dental crown that suits your budget. Ranging from gold to porcelain, dental crowns come in a diverse array of materials.