Laser Tooth Whitening


Laser tooth whitening is the fastest way to get a remarkably brighter smile.  This modern treatment can be completed in a single brief appointment at Minneapolis Dental.  One hour after you sit down in the chair for the treatment, you will have a brighter, more beautiful smile!

In laser tooth whitening, any tooth discolorations you may have been examined and then treated precisely.  A protective cover is placed over your gums, and then the whitening agent is carefully applied to your teeth.  A laser is used to accelerate the whitening effect of the bleaching agent.  Through this brief regimen, your teeth can be whitened by 5 to 6 shades in as little as an hour.

Laser tooth whitening has little in common with over-the-counter, home-use methods.  The active ingredient of the tooth whitening agent is often the same (usually hydrogen peroxide) and in both methods, the bleaching agent is applied to your teeth.  However, the similarities end there.

In over-the-counter tooth whitening kits, the concentration of the bleaching agents is much lower than that used in dental offices.  As such tooth whitening kits are not made for safe professional use, the manufacturers substantially dilute the agents to guard against misuse.  This means that these home use kits typically take several weeks or even months of daily use before they can achieve a result comparable to that obtained in a single sitting of laser tooth whitening.  For the same reason, home use kits must usually be applied to the teeth for several hours at each stretch.

Laser tooth whitening is rapid and effective.  It also provides the possibility of targeting individual teeth precisely, leading to a much greater likelihood that unevenly discolored teeth can be dealt with successfully.

It is important to know that not all types of discolorations respond the same way to whitening, and some are far less susceptible to bleaching than others.  Additionally, some discolorations are actually best handled with simple cleaning.  We know what all these types look like and will give you our professional recommendations after examining your teeth.  Our interest is in you getting the smile you want in the most effective way possible.  That kind of care doesn’t come in a box from the drugstore.

Get the bright beautiful smile you want.  Call us at Minneapolis Dental to make your appointment for laser tooth whitening.